Jacinthas Girl From Bossa Nova in SACD Surround Sound

Groove Note Records latest release in Super Audio CD Surround Sound is Jacintha’s new album entitled The Girl From Bossa Nova. For her fifth SACD release for the label, Jacintha performs ten bossa nova favorites. As with her earlier albums, this one is produced by Joe Harley and Groove Note owner Ying Tan.

Groove Note describes the new SACD by noting that “Jacintha picks up the tempo in her first bossa nova session. Featuring a program of some of the most well known classics of the genre including several Jobim favorites like So Nice, Desafinado, Dindi, Corcovado, as well as less familiar tunes like O Ganso and So Danco Samba, The Girl From Bossa Nova is a striking change of pace for Jacintha that will enthrall all of her fans. With superb solos from tenor Harry Allen and acoustic guitar from John Pisano (ex-Diane Krall), the album is given the supreme finishing touch by the magical playing of Brazilian master percussionist Paulinho Da Costa who’s recorded and performed with all the legends. His contribution truly gives the entire album it’s authentic bossa nova vibe. And yes, there are a couple of classic Jacintha ballads done bossa style: This Masquerade and Dindi. A must buy for Jacintha fans and all bossa nova lovers.”

Album Musicians
Jacintha – Vocals
Bill Cunliffe – Piano & Arrangements
Darek Oleszkiewicz – Bass
Tim Pleasant – Drums
Harry Allen – Tenor Sax
John Pisano – Guitar
Paolihno Da Costa – Percussion

Album Selections
1. O Ganso
2. So Danco Samba
3. Dindi
4. Once I Loved
5. Desafinado
6. So Nice
7. Wave
8. How Insensitive
9. Corcovado
10. Waters Of March

Recording Credits and Sonics
The Girl From Bossa Nova was recorded and mixed by Michael Ross at Record One in Sherman Oaks. It was mastered for SACD by Bernie Grundman using the Sony Direct Stream Digital System.

The SACD Surround Sound mix features Jacintha in the Center channel with the band in the front channels primarily and the percussion appearing in the front and surround channels. The mix is very tastefully done and appropriate for the music.

Jacintha’s voice is crystal clear and the clean capture of the percussion makes for a very enjoyable album. As Groove Note says, it will be a popular one for both Jacintha fans and bossa nova lovers.

Jacintha’s The Girl From Bossa Nova in Surround Sound Super Audio CD is now available on audiophile web sites that carry SACDs such as Acoustic Sounds and Elusive Disc. It will be available at music stores on July 20th.