Is 2010 The Year Of Instant Gratification?

It’s almost the end of the decade, folks, and as such, this is the time when journalists everywhere, be they online or in print, get to turn pundit for a while and make future predictions. In fact, it’s downright expected.

But one prediction that I got, that fits in pretty nicely with some of my own, is that 2010 will be the year of instant gratification, in which the window of movie releases closes ranks so markedly that it becomes simultaneous across the board.

Imagine it. A time in which movies are available, everywhere, at the same time.  No more “limited theatrical releases”–if it’s in theaters, it’s in the video store AND on demand.  All at once.  You’ll now have your CHOICE of where to view your favorite movies, without delay!  Favor your home theater?  Imagine watching Sherlock Holmes on that home theater…AFTER YOUR CHRISTMAS DINNER.  Have an appointment during the one o’clock show and have to be home by three?  Go home and watch the movie of your choice at two!  No more being bound to schedules!

It’s almost a dream come true…and it’ll likely never happen.  After all, the “theater experience” isn’t so great that most people wouldn’t eschew it in favor of the home theater.  And the studios know this. Thus, on this score?  I say that the future is likely not yet.