Insignia NS-32E570A11 Television Review-Low End On The High End

Today, something a bit different for you, folks…after a quick search of my own pieces, I’ve discovered that I’ve only seen one of these before.  Today we’re talking about Insignia’s second entry into the LED television market, the Insignia NS-32E570A11.

The Insignia NS-32E570A11 is a thirty two inch 1080p LED television that offers an SRS TruSurround HD sound system with two eight watt speakers, Insignia’s own Motion 120Hz technology to reduce blurring, Audyssey Dynamic Volume to boost the sound on soft dialog and cut the sound on louder stuff (forget about Big Lou Lemon screaming at you about Big Lou Lemon’s Used Car Palace in the midst of a nice relaxing nature show about penguins–thanks as always to Berkeley Breathed for the image), a game mode to further improve the picture during gaming, one component video input, one PC input, one headphone jack, four HDMI inputs, and one optical digital audio output.

I don’t remember, offhand, the last time I saw eight-watt speakers on a television.  I really don’t.  But still, they sound pretty nice (not as nice as some, but still) and the picture is also pretty nice, if inferior to a lot of other brands.  Short shrift once again goes to the older component folks, but there’s a saving grace to this one, and it’s the incredibly slim price tag on this one.

How slim, you ask?  Try five hundred fifty bucks out at Best Buy. That’s an amazingly low price for an LED television, and I’m astonished to see it.  Sure, it’s a low end LED television, but it’s still an LED television and a fairly decent one at that.

You can probably do quite a bit better if you’re willing to work with some marginally-outdated electronics, but the quality is still there on the Insignia NS-32E570A11, and at the end of the day, that means plenty.