Infinit Storage Media Reveals First Blu-ray/DVD Hybrid

That’s right people. Someone managed to create a disc that’s both a Blu-ray and a DVD, depending on what you need it to be. Japanese Infinity Storage Media is the company that has revealed the hybrid disc.

How does it work? Well it has a single-layer of Blu-ray which will get you 25GB of storage and a dual-layer DVD which will get you 8.5GB of space. The company will also release a future version that will contain a dual layer Blu-ray disc and a single layer DVD for a total available space of 54.7GB.

The first title to be released on a hybrid is Code Blue, a TV series. It will arrive on 4 hybrid discs and it will be priced at $400 for 534 minutes of content. If you want the series on DVD only you will have to pay $260 for 7 DVDs. Those opting for the hybrid version will watch the series on a DVD player or on a Blu-ray player, depending what they choose.

via Infinity