HOME2 Home Theater Projection Screens


Elite Screens, Inc. exhibits its premium HOME2 Home Theater Projection Screens at CES2008 for commercial and residential purposes. Large audience can enjoy the extreme home theater experience with 160 degree diffusion angle and one single touch.

“They offer a fantastic projection experience in an aggressively priced high quality package” said David Rodgers, marketing manager, Elite Screens, Inc.

Bright image, super color is result of matte white multi-layered woven screen. Flat surface backed by black material prevents light oozing in and delivers sharp image. Standard IR and RF remote controls enhance the viewing experience manifolds. The in-built IR and RF receivers consist of three way wall switch. The screen can be easily installed either on wall or on ceiling with sliding brackets on rust resistant aluminum housing

Comes with 2year replacement warranty and price range between $782 and $1412, the Home Theater Projection Screen is worth the experience.

Via: Press