Home Theater Deals-Best Buys $1800 Home Theater

Got a nifty bit of product news for you, folks–this week, Best Buy’s running an in-store special where you can get a Sony Bravia forty-six inch LCD HDTV with a Sony HTS-S360 home theater in a box setup and a Sony BDP-S360 Bu-ray player all for the relatively low price of eighteen hundred dollars.

I know, right now people have a lot better things to do with eighteen hundred bucks than spend it on a home theater setup, and you ought to be able to get a BETTER deal by buying your components piecemeal, but there’s something to be said for pulling off the band-aid all at one, as it were.

As home theater packages go, that one’s pretty complete, And the output is also pretty solid–this is all 1080p gear with loads of slots and ports and suchlike.  So if you want to build a home theater, and you’ve got eighteen hundred bucks to spare, this is a pretty fair setup and you should be, overall, plenty satisfied with it.