Hitachi CP-X450j Projector


Hitachi, very recently has introduced its new Hitachi CP-X450j Projector. They announced that this LCD projector will be available only in Japan and you can buy it from June 10th onwards.

The Hitachi CP-X450j Projector is designed in a quite distinguished manner for which it has been able to pave its way straight to many buyers heart even before its launch for which they are hoping a sell of 1,000 units of the projector even in the first 4 weeks only!

It comes with XGA real resolution and a brightness level of 3,500 ANSI lumens. With 2 component outputs and one SVHS output (no HDMI) the Hitachi CP-X450j Projector guarantees you unmatchable connectivity.

Moreover, you can draw graphs, straight lines or diagrams more easily with the help of the Hitachi CP-X450j Projector. You can do so because it has a “template function”, with which it becomes possible to project lines or grids on the surface of a white or black board. Just after a few days you can grab this LCD projector for $3,800 only.

Via: Hitachi