Hauppauge Mobile DVB-T Digital TV Receiver

Alon Hauppauge Digital, Inc. recently launched compact and high performance mobile digital TV USB receiver WinTV MiniStick. Watch your favorite programs live on your laptop with Windows XP, Vista and Linux compatible WinTV MiniStick. The mobile TV watching on laptops gets a new meaning with the introduction of the receiver in the industry. The size, power and cost are reduced with Siano single chip architecture.

Ironi, CEO of Siano, commented: "Being selected by the world’s top PC TV product maker is an important milestone for Siano. Hauppauge and Siano share the vision that digital PC TV is about to become an integral part of every notebook and mobile internet device out there, and the two companies are collaborating in several ways to make this vision come true."

The receiver with smooth reception and handovers consumes less power and can be used with UMPCs. Targeting South Asia and Europe DVB-T broadcast networks and networks in Brazil, Korea and Japan, the price has not been disclosed by Hauppauge.

Via: Press