Half of Homes Now Own HDTV

Hey Minnesotans–if you’re looking for something to do with your property tax refund, you may want to join a new and growing movement in the United States, HDTV.

Half the households in the United States right now own an HDTV, up from just thirty eight percent last year, and this in spite of a growing recession.

There’s actually a few possibilities behind this–one, there are more and different sizes and brands of HDTV available in stores, and fewer CRT / projection screen models.  If you need a new TV, your only real choice is HDTV, unless you buy used outright.  Also, the prices have dropped in recent months again possibly due to the recession.  It’s now feasible to buy a thirty-six inch LCD display for less than four hundred dollars.

With prices steadily falling in line with reasonable projections and more and better models available, it’s no surprise that HDTV is getting better market penetration.  If you’ve been thinking about going HDTV, it’s probably the best time of all.