Gucci 3D Glasses

While the era of 3D glasses brings a new dimension to the world of enjoying a new age of displays to date, pick out the key word here in “glasses”. Now after that, associate it with the brands in the reading or even the sunglasses industry and you get a lot. Will they invade the market? Gucci will!

Word has it that Gucci will soon come out with designer 3D glasses in the market, possibly signaling a new trend towards separating 3D glasses from the standard ones for viewing pleasure. Now along with a marquee brand comes a price. Unfortunately that is something we don’t have right now. But soon, you may be hearing “What brand of 3D sunglasses are you using?” If so, that should separate you from the rest in terms of class! I wonder though if it will still be suitable for outdoor fashion. Nah I don’t think so!

(Source) Ubergizmo