Gluvi Avoids Germ Infested Hotel TV Remotes

I love staying in hotels, it’s like an escapism into another cities domain with all the comforts of home. Not to mention, the nasty germs that may be left behind from the previous traveller. I know that my room is clean when I look in the bathroom, feel the crisp sheets, can see that the floor has been vaccumed, the room dusted and it smells fresh with room deodorizer. However, I always forget about the remote control. Thank goodness that Gluvi hasn’t, by inventing a portable sanitary solution for TV remotes. Perfect for the hotel industry and ingenius at home also. The Gluvi solution, looks like a thin film that slips over the remote and keeps dirty, sticky fingers and spills from contaminating the clicker. Designed to fit 95% of remotes and is available in different colors.