Genius Speakers at CES 2009

Genius announced that it will exhibit its highly innovative speaker systems at the forthcoming CES 2009. Its CES Speaker portfolio would include SP-T1200 2.0 Touch Speaker System, SW-T2.1 1800 Touch Speaker System and 2.4 GHz Wireless Stereo Speaker System.

Let us look at the main features of these speaker systems:

SP-T1200 2.0 Touch Speaker System

As the name suggests this speaker system works on touch technology. It is great fun when you just touch the speaker and it start doing whatever you wish it to do. The intuitive touch panel screen can be used to adjust the volume, bass or treble just with the slide of your finger. Delivering 30 watts of power, this elegant looking speaker system is a perfect companion to your laptop and notebook.

SW-T2.1 1800 Touch Speaker System

The second speaker from the proposed CES exhibits is SW-T2.1 1800 Touch Speaker System. This one too is a touch model. It comprises a slender sleek three piece speaker system equipped with innovative DRD 3D sound effects delivering greater acoustic range and powerful base. This compact sized nifty gadget boats of following specs:

  • 3 piece touch speaker system with clear sound
  • 6 “ subwoofer driver provides deep and powerful bass
  • DRD 3D sound effect
  • Five equalizer effect: Flat/Rock/POP/Classic/Jazz
  • Great for home studio, mp3 player, PC/Notebook or LCD TV
  • LCD status display
  • Total output power: 50 watts

2.4 GHz Wireless Stereo Speaker System

2.4 GHZ Wireless Stereo System is the newly designed model. It incorporates the latest innovative technologies. It comes with a three piece speaker system and works at a wireless range of up to 100 feet.