GE ‘s Micro-Holographic Discs

Ge Logo Recently, GE proudly announced the development of a new optical storage technology, called Micro-Holographic Discs. Designed to be able to read and record on systems that are like a DVD player, these discs are capable of supporting 500 gigabytes of storage in a typical DVD size disc.

Holographic Data StorageMicro-Holographic Discs can also be considered as the next Blu-ray with the amazing features. These discs feature such hardware and formats that are quite similar to optical storage technologies used to play back CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

The new Micro-Holographic Discs feature cost-effective and reliable holographic drives. These discs are also capable of supporting high-resolution formats like 3D television. To know more about Micro-Holographic Discs, you can feel free to visit