GAME 777 headphones


Gamers are flying high with the new PLANTRONICS Helmet gaming jobbies. The much known "Gamecom" collection constitutes only one model-Gamecom 777 in its range. A "must-have" this season, Gamecom 777 houses Dolby 5.1 technology to offer you the inimitable sound quality.

Enjoy the ultimate gaming experience with high-definition speakers and Dolby surround sound. The slew of extraordinary functions which makes it the most sought after product are 40mm speakers, noise-reduction microphone, user-friendly interface and microphone adjustment facilities.

The long-winded earphones are not only comfortable to wear and use but they are also specially designed for lengthy gaming sessions. It is touted to be the ideal option for listening to music or watching DVD as microphone packs itself completely into the headband when left in the idle state.

The Gamecom 777 boasts of the following features-

Ear cushion soft foam
Speaker impedance-32ohms
Microphone type-unidirectionsl electret
Microphone impedance-2kohms
Plug type-3.5mm
cable length-2.9m

Get acquainted with a whole new world of gaming and multimedia with the unique and state-of-the-art gamecom 777.