Fujitsu Computing Powered by MaxxAudio

It seems that the PC desktop industry today has raised their quality up a notch in the area of sound features. Yesterday we saw how AOC unveiled a couple of desktops with SRS sound technology and now we see Fujitsu coming out with its own desktops, this time armed with MaxxAudio sound enhancement from Waves.

Ideally for gaming and some home theater viewing for the high definition movies we are enjoying today, Fujitsu wants to make sure that they are ready for the technology and be considered among the many PC-based solutions to deliver quality audio to complement their assumed video excellence playback.

The initial three new Fujitsu devices equipped with MaxxAudio are

  • FMV Deskpower LX
  • F all-in-one desktop computers
  • FMV Biblo NW laptops.

MaxxAudio features:

  • MaxxBass for improved perceived bass response
  • MaxxTreble for increased high frequency fidelity
  • MaxxVolume for dynamic conditioning and level maximization
  • MaxxStereo for expanded stereo imaging of headphones and speakers
  • MaxxEQ for balanced frequency response

“Fujitsu believes that MaxxAudio technology enhances our AV features, adding considerable value to our products. We know that users will truly enjoy our new FMV series computers with MaxxAudio,” stated a representative of Fujitsu’s Personal Marketing Division.

(Source) Press