Envision L42W761 LCD TV of Omni Series

envision-l42w761-lcd-tv-of-omni-series.jpgEnvision Peripherals Inc. launches Omni Series stylish and high performance LCD TV L42W761. The easy to use and sleek TV has digital clear-QAM tuners and High-Definition capability with ATSC resulting in clear reception over-the-air HD broadcasts. Channels transmitted digitally through cable can be easily decoded without using separate set-top receiver boxes. Multiple digital multimedia devices like Blu-ray players, digital photo and video cameras, game consoles, DVRs etc can be accessed simultaneously through them.

With the aspect ratio of 16:9 i.e. resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels and a response time of 8ms, LCD TV L42W761 gives colour rich and high and high resolution picture. Apart from built-in speakers, headphone output and multifunction remote, it also has digital S/PDIF interface compatible with surround sound set-ups to ensure sound delivery of video games, movies and television programs.

Using the multiple picture mode features, LCD TV L42W761 with glossy black finish can take pictures with zoom easily. Its features also include menu language, closed caption, auto program, sleep timer and V-Chip parental control. Viewing angle of more than 170 degree can be achieved as it can be easily mounted on wall.

Widescreen clarity is achieved as it has a 42-inch screen and a contrast ratio of 1200:1. In order to deliver distortion-free all-digital audio and video quality and simplify cabling, the TV has two video and two high definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) inputs.

Via: Press