EGreat EG-M31B

If you think you need to have a degree in computer science to start watching internet media on your TV, think again. One of the models in the latest generation of set-top multimedia players could be the answer for you. New set-top HD TV Media Players like the EGreat EG-M31B make watching internet media on any television simple and affordable, and they don’t require a PC. For example, the EGreat allows viewers to stream BitTorrent and Usenet downloads directly to their TV’s.

In addition, viewers can stream tube sites such as and other free internet media content straight from the web to their living rooms. Setup is fairly easy as most players support wired or wireless network connections and UPNP. Navigation through the menus is done on screen with a simple remote. EGreat also offers the ability to store and playback entire home media collections and can store photos, DVD’s, CD’s and Blu-Ray discs in addition to a long list of audio and video files.