DVD-Audio 2002: 5.1 Entertainment Group Overview

DVD-Audio 2002: 5.1 Entertainment Group, whose labels include Silverline, immergent, Electromatrix and MyUtopia were represented at the DVD-Audio 2002 presentation, held on August 9th at Dolby Laboratories’ facility in Burbank, California.

The label’s producers and PR personnel were excited not only about their extensive list of upcoming titles (see previous High Fidelity Review news stories) but also because of their plan to release at least ten DVD-Audio titles every month from this date forward.

Titles they were especially looking forward to releasing during the next couple of months included live albums by 38 Special, which is already available in some stores, REO Speedwagon and Tesla, as well as Ministry’s ‘Sphinctour’ album recorded on during the band’s live tour. Also look for an invasion of British Folk titles by Donovan, Fairport Convention, Wishbone Ash and Pentangle.

After a little gentle prodding, news also leaked out that October would bring a couple of Christmas themed titles by 38 Special and Lynyrd Skynyrd. November’s releases are still in the works, so their details were not yet available, no matter how persuasive I became.