Displax Introduces The Oqtopus And Overlay Multitouch

Today, Portugal-based Displax unveiled their newest developments, known as the Oqtopus And Overlay Multitouch. The Oqtopus is a miniature multi-touch table equipped with the Microsoft Windows 7. It’s designed to recognize four separate inputs on a 42-inch screen and can also recognize a stylus or gloved finger. Meanwhile, the Overlay Multitouch is a customizable device that’s designed to fit on your LCD or Plasma TV and convert it into a touchscreen display.

Furthermore, the Overlay Multitouch is compatible with screens ranging from 32-inch to 108-inch. Thus, prices for the Displax Oqtopus vary from 4500 Euros ($6,263) to 6500 Euros ($9,046) since you can either fit it on a PC or LCD screen. However, the Displax Overlay Multitouch is on sale between 1300 Euros ($1,809) and 6000 Euros ($8,350) since it’s compatible with various screen sizes.