Disnep TL20DXD LCD


Here is something that your kids will love for sure. Uniden has announced its latest Disnep TL20DXD LCD priced 99,800 Yen. This 20-inch LCD features a resolution of 1,366?768 dot, terrestrial degree of /BS/110 CS digital tuner, terrestrial analog tuner, brightness 500cd/m2, Aspect ratio 16:9, brightness 500cd/m2, speed of response 8ms and angle of visibility 176 degrees.

The LCD TV corresponds to EPG and two-way communication. Disnep TL20DXD LCD comes in two color options ring black (B) and champagne gold (G). It has a built-in stereo speaker of 5?9cm diameter with SRS “TruSurround XT” technology. Consuming 88W of electric power, this TFT LCD reminding Mickey loads Non glare processing Standard of back light life approximately 60,000 hours.

Via: Uniden