Denon to Incorporate VRS to New Product Lines

Denon Electronics will be integrating Anchor Bay Video processing chips towards its latest Video Reference Series (VRS) product line that includes seven AVRs and a Blu-Ray player which will be coming out in the next months. Denon will be using Anchor Bay chips to provide video format conversion and enhancement functions.

Anchor Bay’s flagship ABT2010 chip powers the video processing in the $1,999 AVR-4310CI, the $1,499 AVR-3310CI, and the $849 AVR-2310CI receivers, all from Denon’s Custom Integration product line. The ABT2010 also processes video in two receivers from the premium brand’s Retail Home Theater Series line, the $1,499 AVR-990 and the $799 AVR 890. For the $549 AVF-1910 and the $499 AVR-790 receivers, Denon has selected the versatile ABT1030 chip.

(Source) Home Theater Review