Denon S102 Wireless Home Theater System

Denon S102

When you purchase the Denon S102 you won’t need to worry about running speaker wires to rear surround speakers. Wireless speakers are soon to be standard issue on any Home Theater system with surround sound that retails over $500, and with a price of just over $1000 the Denon S102 system produces truly excellent sound. 

Two great-sounding (wireless) speakers and a powered subwoofer – combined with Dolby’s Virtual Speaker virtual surround sound technology make this home theater system a really superlative experience. You can spend more, but you can’t do a lot better than this. The Audyssey Dynamic EQ, Spatial EQ, and Bass XT fine tune the Denon S102 system to your room for more realistic, customized sound.  If you are purchasing a first HomeTheater system and can afford to step it up a price point or two, the Denon S102 will not disappoint.