Denon Announces Reference Grade 2 Channel Super Audio CD/CD Player

On Tuesday, Denon Electronics announced a new line of audio and home theater products that feature what the company calls «boundless entertainment». Included in this week’s product announcements is a series of «Reference Grade» 2 Channel Stereo products known as the «CX» series.

The Reference Grade CX Series includes the DRA-CX3 Stereo Receiver, the SC-CX 303 Stereo Loudspeaker System and the DCD-CX3 Super Audio CD/CD Player. Denon describes the new Reference Grade CX series products as being «created with audio specifications, style and details inspired by the company’s legendary S-Series of Hi-Fi components. Denon’s elegant new reference audio components are designed for the audiophile purist who harkens back with nostalgia to the heyday of two-channel stereo.»

Denon DCD-CX3 Super Audio CD/CD Player
The new Denon DCD-CX3 disc player plays Super Audio CDs and music CDs as well as MP3 and WMA audio files on CD-R and CD-RW discs. This SACD/CD player includes gold plated RCA jacks, an optical digital audio output, a Pure Direct Mode, independent power supplies with separate transformers for the analog and digital sections of the player and a high quality D/A conversion stage with Denon’s AL24 processing technology.

Joe Stinziano, Denon Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing says that «Our new products not only offer superior audio and video performance but a host of innovative features designed to truly enhance a consumer’s lifestyle, with powerful yet simple solutions for multiple applications. Our goal is to allow users to get maximum enjoyment out of all their entertainment content, regardless of its source, anywhere and everywhere, whether it’s packaged media, streamed content from inside or outside the home, or even Internet radio. And to support our new lineup, we’re redoubling our efforts in both retailer and consumer education, ensuring that our message of ‘boundless entertainment’ comes through loud and clear.»

Each of these new CX series products (the DRA-CX3 Stereo Receiver, the SC-CX 303 Stereo Loudspeaker System and the DCD-CX3 Super Audio CD/CD Player) sell for $1,200 each. They are now available from Denon Electronics dealers.