Cyviz Set to Open Cyviz Technology Center in Virginia

When it comes to getting the latest technology in cinema entertainment, don’t think that they are limited to theaters. If you are among the people going gaga over the high-end technology breakthroughs as far as display technology is concerned, you may want to check out this new Cyviz Technology Center in Crystal City, Virginia, slated to be opened later this month.

Cyviz, the Norwegian company behind these advances, will be opening its fourth worldwide Cyviz Technology Center (CTC), a 7,000 square foot facility showcasing the latest display wall and collaboration technologies in Crystal City, Virginia.

It is a matter of size and interface. These are the two leading indicators that impress people to consider the investment in new technology. Whether this is for business or personal use, Cyvis takes us to a world of these new technologies, combining high-tech visualization with data visualization on a large scale display.

Among the things to be seen include:

  • Cyviz Clusterwall – used in command control centers, news organizations and design facilities, where display walls can be of nearly unlimited size, and projected at the highest resolution in life-size 1:1 scale.
  • Cyviz 4K – a solution that features the highest resolution single projector in the world, offering 80+ megapixel resolution for the next generation of cinema.
  • Cyviz Vizwall – a large screen conference room application that blends multiple data and image sources through a single computer controller, in 3D stereoscopic vision.
  • Cyviz Bizwall – takes group meetings and collaboration in office environments to the next level, allowing a single workstation to manage and display numerous sources simultaneously on super wide, high resolution screens of any dimension.
  • Cyviz C1 – a complete ’sight, sound, and seating’ environment for enhanced video teleconferencing and collaborative data-sharing.

(Source) Earth Times