Crestron Releases TPMC-4SM Isys i/O 4.3″ Wall Mount Touchpanel Media Center

The era of touch panels expands all the more as Crestron Electronics unveil the TPMC-4SM Isys i/O® 4.3″ Wall Mount Touchpanel Media Center. This new product is a compact, low profile and affordable touchpanel that provides direct LAN connectivity for powerful room scheduling and control

It also comes with versatile mounting options in corporate offices, universities, hotels, retrofits and home automation applications. With most companies today making use of technology and visual representation to perk up the marketing and meetings of executives and clients, the addition of Crestron Electronic’s new touch screen device is certainly something that will help adaptations for better presentations in the corporate setting.

Featuring a wide array of touchscreen functionality with flexible mounting options and single wire installation, TPMC-4SM delivers room control, power and communication via Ethernet, allowing easy installation virtually anywhere, making the 4SM an ideal solution for retrofits, renovations and existing structures where cutting holes in walls is undesirable or impractical.

(Source) Big News