Crackle comes to iOS

I love watching movies on Crackle, an online video watching service. I remember a few months ago, they had a new free movie every day.

It has now come to iOS, and allows the user to watch full-length Hollywood movies and TV series, and you can browse movies TV, collections, and genres, even search by keyword.

Right now, they currently have hits like Big Daddy, Ghostbusters, Snatch, oh yeah, they also have The Da Vinci Code. They also have TV shows and have recently acquired Seinfeld, but it is only ten episodes. They are pretty classic episodes too, like “The Junior Mint”, “The Soup Nazi”, “The Bubble Boy”, and “The Bizarro Jerry”. Not bad.

The Crackle App for iOS is free at the iTunes store, and I just checked it out, and Crackle is on the Android Marketplace too. This certainly makes it easy to play some great content on a mobile device.