Control4 7-Inch Portable Touch Screen

Control4, a leading company providing affordable IP-based home control and entertainment systems, has announced its new 7-inch Portable Touch Screen. This newly launched product was recently exhibited at CEDIA 2008. With this 7-inch touch screen, Control4 has expanded its line of 10.5-inch portable, 7-inch POE Wall Mount Touch Screen, Control4 Mini Touch Screens and wall-mount touch screens.

The new Control4 7-inch Portable Touch Screen features all the advance functionalities. It offers you a convenient control of whole-home automation, including advanced temperature control, multi-room music, security integration, smart lighting and home theater control.

"By expanding our touch screen family with a 7-inch Portable Touch Screen, we provide increased flexibility on price, size and functionality for additional rooms in the home," said Will West, Chief Executive Officer at Control4. "We’re pleased to offer our new industrial design in a portable version to the touch screen family with this release, adding elegance to the whole-home automation experience along with increased performance capabilities."

The Control4 7-inch Portable Touch Screen will be ready for shipping by the end of 2008 at a price of $ 1,495.

Via: Press