CHRISTIE LX1000 LCD Projector

For people who are looking for an alternative projector in the market, the CHRISTIE LX1000 LCD projector may be something you would be interested in. It combines unique flexibility with uncompromising picture quality and brightness, providing the AV market with a projection solution that is adaptable to more venues than ever before.

Christie Digital Systems USA, an innovator in film projection since 1929 and a pioneer in digital projection systems since 1979, offers an exciting new option for AV professionals and rental stagers who require low cost, high performance projection at an industry benchmark of 10,000 lumens.

To get similar quality, flexibility and performance in the past, those professionals only had the option of high-end, premium performance 3-chip DLP projectors. Now, with the introduction of the Christie LX1000, customers have a cost-effective alternative to currently available products in this lumens range.

(Source) Press