Cerwin vega cls-215



Powerful speaker that can be used as part of a home stereo system or a home theater system with ease.

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Cerwin Vega CLS-215

Powerful speaker that can be used as part of a home stereo system or a home theater system with ease.

Cerwin Vega has taken speaker evolution to a whole new level with their CLS-215 speakers. With their improved midrange power handling and high frequency tweeter response along with copper shorting ring, they are setting the bar high for other speaker companies to contend with.

The bass output from the Cerwin Vega CLS-215 is outstanding and top notch. These might just be some of the best speakers I have ever heard and I have been around the block a few times and back. These speakers are meaty, and will take up plenty of room, which is a little on the down side. If you can fit them in your house though, you will be more than glad that you did. They are 48 inches high and 16.5 inches wide with a depth of 19 inches. They may be big, but their sound is even bigger.

Other speakers out there, like the infinities, may be good, but the Cerwin Vega CLS-215 is far superior when it comes to power. You can hook these speakers up to anything and they will hold up and put out like nothing you have heard before. Just don’t eat too much before you crank them or you might slosh out (or up) your dinner. The boom and the thump truly is that powerful. I may be raving, but I cannot help myself— I love these speakers!

Cerwin Vega CLS-215 speakers have a computer optimized waveguide, which means that they have the highest sensitivity and dynamics with next to no distortion whatsoever. These waveguides also mean that there is no line between midrange and tweeter. This kind of seamless integration is why these are the very best speakers out there.

These speakers produce better sounding highs and lows and if you love to feel that bass deep down inside your body, then these are definitely, without a doubt, the speakers for you.

Technical Info:

Binding posts: Dual pairs of gold plated all metal binding posts Jumper straps: Yes

Model: CLS-215

Item Package Quantity: 1

Maximum output: 500 Watts

Frequency Response: 24Hz – 20kHz

Depth: 19 inches

Height: 48 inches

Width: 16.5 inches

Weight: 120 pounds

Speaker amplification type: Passive

MSRP: $499

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