Canton Karat Line Speakers

Canton revitalized its existing Karat family of loudspeakers with 6 new speakers. A wonderful blend of style and sound, the speakers feature updated crossovers and drivers. Their refined cabinets come with high gloss finish. The new line consists of Karat 795 DC, 790 DC, 770 DC, 755 DC, 730 DC and 720.

"The Karat is a modern blending of performance and style," said Paul Madsen, president of Canton USA. "Designed with the same attention to performance as our other high-end lines, these are the perfect speakers for bold, modern décors. The narrow front baffle and deep side panels allow for the use of a large woofer for deep bass performance while maintaining precise imaging in the upper registers to minimize diffraction effects.”

The range consists of 2-1/2-way center channel speaker, 2-way bookshelf speaker, 3-way bookshelf speaker with side woofer and 3 slender 3-1/2-way floor-standing loudspeakers with large side-mounted woofers. Canon’s Karat line up is the result of improvement in crossovers, transducers and internal cabinet resulting in low distortion and enhanced dispersion characteristics.

While the 1” aluminum manganese tweeter offers surprising accuracy, the dome/voice coil former provides efficient heat sink. The price ranges from $600 to $2,400 per speaker available in graphite or silver lacquer finish with 15% surcharge on optional high-gloss white- or black lacquer finish.

Via: Press