Cal Flame U8000 Barbecue Island: Bring home theatre outside


Cal Fame lets users bring theatre outside. For enjoying Home Theatre now the users need not stay confined inside the walls. Cal Fame says drag your home theatre outside in Backyard. The latest launch U8000 Barbecue Island features a pop-up TV with a 4.1 sound system. It gives the appearance of steps. On top of the steps they have mounted a 42” plasma TV set with in built 4.1-ch stereo system. This lavish retreat for home theatre partisans adores the decor of your outdoors. You can get it customized according to the color of your choice. When not in use the BBQ accessory discreetly hides the television inside its base making space for people to sit on steps. There is no word on the price. But it should be expensive as it is unique!

Via: Calspas