Cabasse Altura MC Series Floor Standing Speakers

Cabasse, a world-class specialist in designing and manufacturing premium loudspeakers, is in news again for launching the new Altura MC Series Floor Standing Speakers. This new and exciting series of floorstanding loudspeakers has been presently introduced in the North American Marlket.

Incorporating the new Cabasse’s Spatially Coherent System (SCS) technology, each model of the new Altura MC Series comes packed with all the innovative features. Moreover, these new speakers feature the co-axial technology for delivering perfect sound experience.

The new Cabasse Altura MC Series include BC13 Tweeter and DUOCELL Cone Woofers. Sporting a stylish design, these speakers provide high performance. At present, they are available in beautiful finishes like Golden Cherry Wood Finish, Santos Wood Finish and Gloss Finish.