Buffalo Super-Flat MiniStation Shinobi

Buffalo Technology has unveiled its super-flat MiniStation Shinobi. Known as world’s thinnest external Hard Drive, the Shinobi is especially intended for high-performance Data storage. The wonderful MiniStation Shinobi comes with an array of multidimensional features and measures only .2-inch in thickness while weighs only 20z.

The latest super-flat MiniStation Shinobi Drive supports easy-to-use backup and sync software, mobile applications including Firebox, Thunderbird for on-the-go E-mail and web browsing. The high-end Shinobi also includes Buffalo’s SecuralLockMobile Software, which avoids illegal entrance, if the drive is stolen or lost.

"Innovative, easy-to-use products with quality features is what Buffalo is known for," said Ken Higgins, vice president of sales at Buffalo Technology. "With the new MiniStation Shinobi, we are continuing to push the envelope with more compact, design conscious storage solutions that will not only meet, but exceed the ever evolving needs of our customers."

The MiniStation Shinobi Hard Drive is a compatible device for Mac and PC. It is also a better grab-and-go solution. It also supports Buffalo’s unique TurboUSB technology to improve data transfer rates of up to 20% faster than other conventional drives.

The Buffalo super-Flat MiniStation Shinobi drive will be available in October at suggested street prices of $119.99 for the 30GB (HD-PT30U2) and $169.99 for the 60GB (HD-PT60U2). It is also supplied with a limited one-year warranty including toll-free 24/7 technical support.