Buffalo HDV-ROM2.4FB HD DVD Player

.Buffalo a forerunner in the manufacturing of electronic devices has recently launched the first HD DVD player for PCs “HDV-ROM2.4FB”. Even if it has turned out that you can get this external Xbox player to work with a regular PC, Buffalo HDV-ROM2.4FB is the first commercial HD DVD player to be sold independently using an ATAPI interface. The player will be shipped with Power DVD HD DVD Edition for playing HD DVD movies.

This smart looking DVD edition seems to be designed keeping in mind the style conscious customers and maybe that’s why it is sleek in shape and comes in dashing silver grey color. This is just one out of many HD DVD players that will arrive for PCs in the market and we’re eagerly waiting to see a comparison between the models particularly how they compare to the Blu-ray models on the same market. This cool HD DVD player would arrive in the market at a pricing of $338 sometime in the next year, so for those who want to buy one it would be a long wait.

Via: Buffalo