Brite-View Unveils the CinemaTube

Back in June, we saw bright-View launch the CinemaCube, a media player that comes with a BitTorrent downloader what gives owners the flexibility to download media files for their viewing. Now, the same company has released a new media player in the form of the CinemaTube, a device that practically features the same specs but is highlighted by the embedded YouTube XL that allows owners to watch YouTube videos on their TV sets.

The CinemaTube promises to be a great media player that supports popular media formats. With its built-in torrent engine, potential owners can download preferred videos via the web as frequent as they want. The Brite-View CinemaTube is now available for pre-order for $99 but will officially retail for $129.99 once it officially hits the market.

(Source) Engadget