Brimstone Butterfly Release First Danish DVD-Audio Title

Just released, ‘Normality Killed the Cat’ from Brimstone Butterfly is the first Danish DVD-Audio title – breaking many boundaries the disc even includes PDF lyrics and MP3 files.

Details from Brimstone Butterfly’s Kristian Vengsgaard: The band wanted to do a high-resolution 5.1 surround sound album, because it turns back time to period where people listened to music instead of just having the stereo running as background noise. The album takes full advantage of the DVD-Audio media possibilities and contains, besides high-resolution stereo and 5.1 surround sound, among other things “the making of…”, a photo gallery, speaker setup guide and eleven music videos – one for each track on the album.

The videos were produced by a wide variety of people, among them an underground Hungarian video-artist, international students from the Scandinavian School of Design, a war photographer, filmmakers from Babel Film and even the late international acclaimed Danish artist Teddy Sørensens’s work ‘Today’s Special’ from 1971.

There’s also a DVD-ROM zone on the disc that contains the lyrics and musical cords as PDF files and all eleven tracks as stereo MP3’s.

The album has been released by the independent record label Inzect Music in cooperation with SDC-DanDisc and Sun Studio, and it’s production is described as a “David vs. Goliath” kind of story. Where the big international labels in Denmark hesitate, this very small label, which is owned and run by the musicians in Brimstone Butterfly, goes out on a limb with this first Danish DVD-Audio title.

Say what happened to your lust for life?” This sentence fires off the album ‘Normality Killed the Cat’. The universe of the album evolves, as the title implies, in and around normality and the ordinary life, where curiosity, will to learn, love and zest for life is replaced by materialism, boredom, narrow-mindedness and even cynicism as we zap the TV between war and sports.

The album spans from the self-ironic pop-boom ‘Let’s Go Out, where the life of a rock-star is ridiculed in a exaggerated eighties inspired party song, to the electronic wall of sound and keenly critical ‘Don’t Stop Crying’, that lashes out at short-term thinking and cynicism.

The feeling of being shot forward, hands tight behind the back, in all-absorbing narrow-mindedness is the theme in ‘Tunnelvision’, which musically puts the pedal to the metal, while the contrast between quiet thoughtful flashbacks on the relationship that went bad, because life closed up and forced out intimacy and the roaring cry for forgiveness is cultivated in ‘Goodbye No.9’. In ‘Black in Black’ hope and fear of the future sits side by side in a showdown between the ongoing search for tomorrow and the loss of life in the present. The almost unbearable simplicity of love is put in perspective by our plans and everything we must achieve in ‘Quite Simple’, while the conflict between near and far in ‘Heroes and Villains’ is articulated in the question: “How can we fall in love – When the world falls apart?”.

The album was produced by Brimstone Butterfly and Frank Birch Pontoppidan’s mix contributes substantially to the experience. The album is in many ways a classical rock record – the project was driven by a desire to discard limitations. Back where we started in the first track the old saying is put upside-down and thereby binds the whole album together: Curiosity cured – and normality killed the cat!

Audio options upon the disc include 5.1 and two-channel high-resolution MLP (PCM) at 96kHz 24-bit, together with 5.1 and two-channel Dolby Digital versions for DVD-Video players. The disc is being issued on the Inzect Music label, with Kick Music, GDC/PHB responsible for distribution in Denmark. Catalogue number: INZDVD001. For more information on the band, visit

‘Normality Killed the Cat’ from Danish band Brimstone Butterfly‘Normality Killed the Cat’ from Danish band Brimstone Butterfly