Bogen unveils Small Footprint Ceiling Speaker (HFSF1) and a Ceiling Subwoofer (CSUB)

Bogen Communications Inc. has recently launched two new products simultaneously, a small footprint ceiling speaker named as HFSF1 and a ceiling subwoofer CSUB.

The high-fidelity ceiling speaker (HFSF1) grants superior sound quality with its virtually distortion-free, coaxial speaker design and a computer-matched venting system. The HFSF1 provides power of 50W at 16 ohms. It can be mounted conveniently on any type of ceilings.

The CSUB subwoofer provides low frequency response for foreground and background music applications. The CSUB offers six levels of power output settings, high power-handling capability and broad coverage.

It works well with full-range ceiling speakers and almost magically corresponds with the HFSF1 speakers to give high sound quality with no aberrations.

Via: Press