Blu-Ray Now Top Dog At Paramount

Now here’s an amazing piece of news, folks–Paramount is changing its priority scale.  Instead of releasing the DVD versions first, they’re going to start releasing their Blu-Ray versions for sale as far as EIGHT WEEKS AHEAD.

This won’t affect rental versions, from what the news says–rather, this is meant to change the way people buy DVDs at home.  It’s intended to help give somewhat flagging Blu-Ray sales a leg up in the marketplace.

Of course, this is actually a fair representation as most people own regular DVD players rather than Blu-Ray equipment.  It only makes sense to say that more people will buy DVDs.  And putting a two month speed bump in home releasing might just drive more people who were on the fence to buying Blu-Ray players.

But in the midst of a really nasty recession, maybe this isn’t the right time to try and get people interested in buying new home theatre equipment.  Only time will tell how the maneuver turns out–hopefully it won’t turn out too badly for Paramount.