Blockbuster Planning Set Top Box Delivery Strategy?

Okay, this is actually a wild idea if you stop and think about it.  I mean, it’s just plain old alarming.  Not necessarily in a bad way, either, but because of its sheer novelty.

Yes, I know Netflix did it first with the Roku, but the word is that Blockbuster is planning to offer its own set-top box for accessing its Blockbuster Online service.  This would make it the first brick-and-mortar video store, essentially, to offer digital delivery into members’ homes.

It’ll be one of the many items previewed at the upcoming January Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and the word is that it’ll be driven by MovieLink, which Blockbuster bought last year.

I’m very much in favor of any service or tool that makes home theater easier to use and more accessible to the common man, and this would definitely qualify as a way to get content, fast and easy and thoroughly on-demand, to viewers.