Best Buy Starts Selling Telarc Multichannel SACDs

For the last few weeks there have been rumors about some news regarding Best Buy and SACDs happening on July 15th. We have now learned that the large Best Buy chain is starting to carry a number of Multichannel SACD titles from Telarc as well as the Heads Up and Chesky labels that Telarc distributes in the US market.

According to Adrian Mills, Telarc’s Director of Sales, Telarc received its first order for Multichannel SACDs from the SACD buyer at Best Buy Corporate Headquarters a few weeks ago. The Multichannel SACDs are scheduled to be on the store shelves at Best Buy starting the week of July 15th. The initial order involves 10 different titles from the Telarc, Heads Up and Chesky labels.

What’s Available
To check on the Telarc at Best Buy story, I went to the Best Buy store in East Palo Alto, California. There I found 8 Telarc Multichannel SACD titles and 1 Heads Up Multichannel SACD title – each selling for $15.99. The Telarc Multichannel SACDs carry a list price of $19.99 and that’s what I usually find them priced at, so this is indeed a good deal for high resolution music fans looking for SACDs at a good price.

However, I should mention that the sole Chesky Multichannel SACD at this Best Buy store (“The Coryells”) was marked at $22.99. Strange since the Chesky SACDs are supposed to have a list price of only $19.99!

More Outlets for Telarc SACDs
During my chat with Adrian Mills at Telarc, he indicated that Telarc is talking to stores in both the US and Europe about carrying their Multichannel SACDs. Mills tells me that we will be seeing the fruits of these talks in the weeks and months ahead.