Axiom Audios Audiobyte: First Luxury Speaker System for PCs

audiobyte.jpgAxiom Audio, recently launched the Audiobyte, the world’s first splendor hi-fi computer speaker system. The speaker system consists of two high ends, ultra-compact speakers plus a dedicated stereo amplifier and optional subwoofer, the self-contained Audiobyte system. The system is available in seven speaker finishes including lacquered, real-wood Burled Walnut.

Audiobyte’s amplifier delivers 55 watts per speaker an output which is ten to twenty times more powerful than an ordinary PC speaker. Measuring 6.5” (165mm) H x 5.5” (140mm) W x 4” (101mm) D, Audiobyte’s two speakers are little enough, yet powerful. The two ultra-compact units can be ordered in any of seven finishes: silver, charcoal, black or white matte-finish synthetic; high-gloss synthetic Cherry or Burled Walnut; or hand finished, real-wood Burled Walnut according to suit your room’s style.

Audiobyte’s devoted amplifier gives out maximum performance in minimal space and comes in matte black, synthetic finish and measures 5” H x 5” W x 12-3/8” D, making it small and modest on a shelf, desktop or anywhere. The subwoofer is also designed in matte black to go with the system’s amplifier. Axiom Audio’s Audiobyte system can be brought at $349 for two bookshelf speakers in standard synthetic finish; $399 in high-gloss synthetic; and $559 for the lacquered, real-wood Burled Walnut version and the optional subwoofer is priced at $179 but there is no word on the availability of these speakers till now.

Via: Businesswire Press