Audio-Technica introduces the ATH-W1000x, ATH-AD900, and ATH-A900 headphones at CES 2011

Audio Technica has recently unveiled three sets of headphones at CES 2011. Each of them are over the ear, and they include as the ATH-W1000x, ATH-AD900, and the ATH-A900.

The ATH-W1000x have black cherry wood for an elegant appearance and are known as Grandioso. They have a large-diameter 53mm driver, high-power rare earth-magnet drive system and OFC-6N oxygen free copper wire voice coils.

The ATH-AD900 have open-back headphones and are lightweight, honeycomb aluminum casing with self-adjusting 3D Wing Support Housing. It also has a 53mm drivers with neodymium magnets with Audio-Technica copper-clad aluminum-wire voice coil technology.

As for the ATH-A900, pictured here, which has a Double Air Damping System. It also has a 53 mm driver with copper voice coil and rare earth magnets.

You should be able to get these headphones sometime in February 2011. The ATH-W1000x is for $699.95, ATH-AD900 for $299.99, and the ATH-A900 for $249.99.