Apex LD 4008 Television Review-An Unexpected Delight

After spending some time with the literally out of nowhere Westinghouse television, I began to wonder if things could get any stranger in terms of what I was going to find next.  Well, along comes a television from none other than APEX to prove that things can always get weirder.  And worse yet, this is actually better than a lot of Sonys and Samsungs I’ve seen.

Today we’re talking about the Apex LD 4008, a forty inch 1080p LCD television with two composite inputs, two component inputs, three HDMI inputs, one S-video input and one PC input.

There aren’t a whole lot of proprietary bells and whistles with this television, but rather, what there IS is a fantastic picture, fantastic sound, and a fantastically easy to work with control setup.  I’m downright stunned by the quality on this no-name from South Nowhere.  This was the first time I could even remember SEEING an Apex in the last several months, and here’s a model that’s easily top of the line.

And considering you can get one of these for six hundred bucks, well, it’s hard NOT to recommend it.