Aluratek AUH100F USB to HDMI 720p Adapter Review

While I was reviewing the HD Deck USB to HDMI Adapter from Sewell the other day, I realized that I never reported on the Aluratek AUH100F.

The AUH100F works by connecting it to the computer, then to the TV. It requires some software and a cord to the wall, and you will need HDMI cable if you don’t have it already. From here, you will be able to put anything on the computer screen onto your HDTV in 720p resolution.

Like the Sewell, I found that the screen doesn’t line up perfectly. However, it is a good thing to have if you want a continuation screen of some type.

For those who are looking for a way to put that computer screen on the HDTV, you might look into this. You can get it for about $79.99.