Ainol V9000HDX Megatron PMP

Here is another potent portable media player that has its share of controversies. For one, confirmation has not been given and we have yet to see one in the flesh. This is with reference to the Ainol V9000HDX Megatron portable media player which is the latest PMP to come out with lots of great looking improvements.

This latest Ainol PMP version has a 4.8” 800×480 touch screen display and is capable of rendering 1080p video out, and the usual ports for display connections into something bigger like an HDTV. It also boasts of 16GB of storage, a FM tuner and a 2450mAh battery. No word on pricing and availability and this is what perhaps makes it a device in the hot seat (meaning if it is real or not).

(Source) Engadget