Aesthesis Carbon Fiber Gramophone Loudspeaker for $85,000

So far, various manufacturers have come up with speakers of various shapes and sizes, available in different price tags. If the $2million Ne Plus Ultra speakers is beyond your reach and if you are not impressed with the $40,000 woody speakers, then have a look at the latest Gramophone loudspeaker. You will definitely fall in love with these simple yet classic loudspeakers!

Developed by Swedish company, Aesthesis, the Gramophone speakers is cirka 1.2 meters high and handcrafted out of carbon fiber and stainless steel. These classy speakers are well-designed and display subtle style by eliminating off-putting appearance.

Generally, the speakers are available in glossy black shade. However, to satisfy the demand of the customers the company has considered customizing them to any NCS color. Priced at $85,000 for a pair, just 100 of these limited edition speakers will hit the shelf. So, hurry up, shell out eighty-five grands and get indulged in acoustic pleasure imparted by the Gramophone loudspeaker!