Acoustic Research ARRU449 Universal Remote Control

In what seems to be more of a mobile device rather than a universal remote, the Acoustic Research ARRU449 universal remote control can be totally deceiving. At first glance, it looks like any standard universal remote controller but if you look a bit closely, you may get curious at what the small LCD screen is for.

Invisible to the eye is the remote’s other distinguishing feature: Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows the remote to access the Internet through your wireless network in order to download Electronic Program Guide (EPG) information along with news and weather highlights. In addition, the ARRU449 can periodically download software updates as they become available.

At $400, the ARRU449 is a little pricey for what it does. During my time with it, though, there were several updates to its software. It’s possible that the performance and features will improve over time.

(Source) Home Theater Mag