Accuphase C-2410 Pre-amp


Accuphase added another stereo pre-amplifier “C-2410″ in its range of Stereo amplifiers. This amplifier works on the principle system AAVA (Accuphase Analog Vari-gain Amplifier) the voltage 16 of CPU control – uses the electric current transmitter, decides volume with amalgamation of 16 switches. Even after the fact that there is no mechanical contact point, as the music signal does not pass through the rheostat body, high Signal-noise ratio, low, it can expect distortion factor.

With this model the gain Change-over Switch can be equipped in the rear panel, gain of 3 types of 12dB, 18dB and 24dB can be selected. In addition, relay of internal signal route is controlled by electronic means adopting the crossbar twin method which used the gold pasting contact point to “logic relay control” loading addition type active filter system to tone control. Talking about the external design and size it measures 465?409?150mm (width ? depth ? height), and weights 18.9kg. The electric power consumption would come around. C-2410 would be available in the market by mid-July at a price of 682,500 Yen.

Via: Impress