A First Look At Vilivs N5 Ultra Mini Mobile PC

Recently, Viliv released a new notebook called the N5 Ultra Mini Mobile PC. It features a WSVGA 1024 x 600 resolution, integrated 3G HSPA modem, optical trackpad, mouse, touch screen and keyboard. Interestingly enough, this little laptop can run Hulu Desktop as well.

However, CrunchGear found a few issues with the device that weren’t to their liking. Apparently, the optical trackpad has limited accuracy as a navigational tool, the touch screen also limited in its effectiveness, the keyboard feels mushy while in use and the screen is glossy like a mirror in a bright room. Nevertheless, please note that these views concerning the N5 Ultra Mini Mobile PC are exclusively the opinions of CrunchGear. Other specifications of this notebook include a 4.8 inch screen, Intel® Atom™ Z520 1.3GHz, 1GB Ram, 32GB SSD, Ultra Mobile 0.85 lbs and an optional 3G HSPA.