6.5-inch REVOLVE Series of TruAudio Speakers


Let me tell you about the new 6.5″ REVOLVE Series of TruAudio Speakers today which is the new launch of BMB Electronics BV, one of Europe’s leading custom and home electronics supplier. You would just love to have one of it once you get to know how superbly designed this audio speaker is. TruAudio’s this new release of 6.5 inch model speakers complements the already existing 8 inch models.

The greatest advantageous feature of the 6.5-inch REVOLVE Series of TruAudio Speakers is its in-ceiling speaker system. Even if you do not have space or shelf for your speakers, you will not have to worry now. Just fix these in your ceiling and experience a superb home theatre with thrilling sounds.

The REV6-LCR.1 boasts a 6.5″ carbon fiber woofer, 150 watts of Power handling, 2″ dual carbon fiber midranges, 92 dB, 37-22 kHz Freq. sensitivity, magnetic EZ Frame and a 3/4″ titanium swivel tweeter.

The REV6-LCR.2 features sensitivity of 91 dB, 39-20 kHz Freq, Power handling of 125 watts, woofer and a 3/4″ titanium swivel tweeter.

The REV6-LCR.3 is made up of polypropylene woofer, 3/4″ silk dome swivel tweeter, 100 watts of power handling and has a sensitivity of 90 dB, 40-20 kHz Freq.


The REV6- SUR.1 is an In-Ceiling Bi-Pole surround speaker available in the form of On-Wall, In-Wall or In-Room speakers. It uses a 6.5″ woven carbon woofer, 90 dB, 39-20 kHz Freq. sensitivity and 150 watts of power.

All models deliver nominal 8 ohms impedance and you not at all have to worry regarding your affordability of these speakers. These 6.5-inch REVOLVE Series of TruAudio Speakers are a perfect fit to your budget, and they equally fit best in your ceiling and walls. They can perform as the front left, center, or right speaker, and as with all of the LCR models, they can be rotated to point toward the listening area.

Anyone will just be forced to love this series of speakers as after all these are the result of many years of research and development. You can get these excellent 6.5-inch REVOLVE Series of TruAudio Speakers only in a limited number of Certified TruAudio Dealers across the country towards the month of June of this year.

Via: BMB